Best Shoe Style For Men

Best Shoe Style For Men

Men have a vast number of choices when it comes to shoes. Different styles and different shoes can tell a lot about your taste, so it is an essential thing to select and have properly. Either it is an interview or a big event, a proper polished shoe is a sign of a complete man’s outlook. Clothes do matter a lot, but if a full dress-up lacks an adequately designed and styled shoe, it all comes to a weak view. Footwear choices are critical, so here in this article, we will be discussing the different shoe styles that men can have.

10 Best Shoe Style For Men

1. Brogue


 It is one of the best shoe styles men can have when it comes to shoes. This style was developed for men who require professional looks, so you can try it with formal shirts. It goes brilliantly with a straight tie. You can always trust Ireland for its style and fashion sense. Brogue even can go with casuals when you buy some light and faded colors. But the key here to keep in mind is limiting yourself from a proper formal look, or you can land in a mixture of problems as a brogue never goes with a very traditional look.

2. Leather


Leather boots and shoes can never go out of fashion. It is the best look if you want something smooth and stylish at the same time. Especially if you want a good winter wardrobe, leather boots are a perfect option to go for. Even if you want a conservative look, then leather boots can provide you the best look possible. Even if you want a boot just for your casual trousers and pants, then these are amazon the best option available in the market. Leather can tell you an entire story; hence these boots are excellent to give you a fantastic design.

3. Suede Chukka

Suede Chukka

This shoe style got in fashion during the early 40s and then somehow lost the craze, but it seems that Suede Chukka is bak in the market with even a more exciting craze and demand. A cream or a faded pair of Suede Chukka is the best you can have in your wardrobe. This shoe lets you get in any outfit you want quickly. This makes a very fantastic point when we talk of versatile options one can have for dressing.

4. White Low Top Trainer

White Low Top Trainer

White is a very decent and even color. The white color on a shoe is among the best combos you can have. Coming to the point of this style, White Low Top Trainer is amazing with any outfit available. If you want to know why so, then the entire answer comes to the descent look this color can provide. White just looks absolutely fantastic in everything, so don’t worry about the proper combination. Still, if you want the best outfit and combination, grab a pair of black jeans over any plain shirt with an additional tie or hat, and that completes your look.

5. Loafer


 Could there be any other shoe style as casuals as loafers? It is a highly doubtful fact that a man didn’t look decent wearing loafers. These laceless shoes are non-other than amazing and are among the best and elegant ways to dress up. The biggest positive to a loafer is its casual look, which can give you an all-time ready look. For casuals, it is better that you go for deep colors. This will give you a cool outfit, and loafers would be the perfect fit for your use.

6. Sneakers


We don’t think anyone in the fashion world is not aware of how amazing wearing sneakers can be. Even if you want to have a run or a long walk and your sports shoes are missing, sneakers can provide you with the style you are looking for. It is amazing how sneakers have affected the fashion sense of society’s sections but to stick to men, sneakers can provide you with amazing shoe style. Sneakers are never something with huge complications. You can always trust sneakers and go with any brand you want. You don’t need huge names and stickers attached to your sneakers to look cool and decent, so it’s always a versatile option.

7. Oxford


 If you are thinking of something out of the box or something for your wedding suit, then Oxford is the style to go for. Originally it was nothing but a plain leather fabric with a beautiful touch. But in the years, even this one has gone through tons of changes; hence you can be assured of your looks and their compatibility with the modern frame and outlook.

8. Wingtips


Again a brilliant design with a mix of colors. The main concept with the shoe style never lets you out of fashion. It is all about using the old, traditional, and shiny colors to give a complete look for an individual. Even the most famous shoe style is the extension of the upper end of the shoemaking, a pointed approaching edge. All over the shoe styles, a man in some of the most classic dresses. You can have several complicated outfits with this shoe.

9. Moccasins


Here is a shoe style from NorthAmerica, making a somewhat replica of Loafers. The design’s main concept was to provide a more efficient and comforting shoe that can beat up the Loafer style. The main sole is very soft when you compare it with a real one, so it is a complete all-over style for a light and easy outfit.

10. Chelsea


Have you seen the British Pop bands performing with a completely new form of shoe styles? If yes, then those boots are called Chelsea boots, and they are some of the most amazing looking styles available in the market. The fabric is light and even, with the upper layer providing a smooth and easy look. The shoe compromises with laces, and hence it provides a complete new loom to the people who wear it.


Above in the article, we saw some of the most exciting shoe designs for men. All of these are unique and classy in their own features. One can go for any of these styles dispensing on the occasion and clothing he is wearing.


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