Prevention of bruising of skin of elderly people

Prevention of bruising of skin of elderly people

If you have an elderly person back at your home then you have to take proper care of his or her health condition. That cannot be as easy as it sounds. Even babies are much easier to be taken care of when compared to elder people. But here we bring you an article that can add value to your way of caring for the elderly people in your home. Bruising is one of the major health issues that is caused by physical changes or metamorphosis undergone by the person inside and out. Most bruises are also known as contusions and these are the little damages that are responsible for damaging blood vessels lying within the skin. A little bruising can cause a major health issue.

What is bruising ?

Bruising is the damages caused to the skin. Bruises are caused when a person is physically hurt. But in elderly people, it is easily caused due to friction against something and consequently leads to a serious health issue. A fall or collisions can simply cause bruises in elderly people. The skin becomes fragile as the body heads on to the older stage of life. Even exposure to the sun can also cause the thinning of the skin and cause bruises. But the jeans also play their part and the thinning of the skin or the bruising of the skin also depends somewhat on the genes of the individual.


Methods of prevention from bruises :

1. Make the ways clear to enter people

Make the ways clear to enter people

if you are having elder people back at home then you should make sure that their hue has no obstructions. They easily fall and undergo bruises which is very difficult to recover. So you should always take care that their ways should not have obstructions and should always be smooth ways. This will help them undergo less physical friction or collision and this is how they can be protected from breezes which at times lead to complicated health issues like internal injuries. You might not always with their back at your home for the elder people. And this is when any mishaps can take place. Hence, we would recommend that you must not take a chance and should make sure that the ways used by the elderly people are clear so that they do not come across any sort of obstructions which can cause a fall or a collision. This is one of the ways with the help of which they can be protected. We cannot curb their movement. But we can make it safer for them to move to places.

2. Keep the device of mobility in your home

 Keep the device of mobility in your home

the elderly people in your home can have issues in walking and moving from place to place. Do not keep them dependent on your presence because they might feel bad and suffocated. But have mobility devices in your home like walkers or cranes that can help the elderly people in your home move easily and fetch things that they want. In this way, they will not fall frequently. This is how they will not feel prisoned but at the same time, they can move from place to place without falling even once. Movement for them is not an easy job like us. They might find it difficult. Hence when you have walkers back at your home you are giving a firm of support to your the old people and helping them move from places to places safely. A single mobile device can help you sort out a lot of issues. They are not dependent on you anymore which is a perk that you would enjoy. They can move and do little things for themselves which is a great thing. And above all, you can be sure of their safety when you have moving machines available in your home.

3. Make sure you supplement the elderly people at home

Make sure you supplement the elderly people at home

when people go to the older stage of their life, they lack essential vitamins and minerals which are required for the body. Essential vitamins and minerals are virtuous for the human body because they provide nourishment to the skin. If you want to take better care of elderly people back at your home then you should give them supplements under the recommendation of a doctor so that their skin stays healthy forever. This can also help in the recovery of the bruises and also prevent the skin from undergoing any sort of bruise due to friction or fall or collision. The skin might also get thinner due to the lack of many vitamins in the body. Going through a thorough check-up can help maintain the body well. Above all, one can also know about the deficiency in the body and they can be treated by supplement vitamins supplied by the doctors. A healthy human body has a thick skin to regular friction or fall.

4. Protection from sun

Protection from sun

In old age, there will be sun can also do much harm to the skin of old people. It can cause Sun bruises which again can create a lot of damage to the skin. It can also cause damage to blood vessels underlying the skin. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun can harm the skin of any individual but in the case of younger people, it only causes tan. Whereas older people have to go through a lot because the rays penetrate the skin and damage the tissues lying under the skin. This is why it is strongly recommended that elderly people should not be left under the sun. There must apply sunscreen lotion so that the skin is protected all the time. The harmful radiation from the sun can do much harm to do the tender skin of old people.

5. Prevent or control diabetes

Prevent or control diabetes

Diabetes is easy to acquire disease for elderly people. And the cons of it is not a lesser-known fact across the globe. A person suffering from diabetes goes through a lot. And if the person is older than the problems are even more. There is a chance of developing a lot of skin issues. And even a bigger problem is that the bruises in the skin do not recover easily. Hence it is strongly recommended that elderly people must have a check on their diet and prevent themselves from acquiring diabetes. But if the older people in your home have already been suffering from diabetes, then make sure that the disease is under control. This will be a gigantic step towards preventing bruises on the skin of older people.

Final words :

If you want to protect the elder people back at your home from having bruises then you can easily do that by following all the above steps which are mentioned above. Make sure that you are loving I am taking care of your elders appropriately because these little things also matter a lot when it comes to their emotional stability and their health conditions. Here is hoping that this article has adequately provided our readers with the information that can help in taking good care of the elderly people in the home and preventing them from harsh bruises.


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