FDA Approves New Weight Loss Drug

If you are an adult and face specific issues related to your weight, be it overweight or obese, and pose serious health problems, you have come to the right place. If you have tried all forms of diet and workouts, but it turned out to be unsuccessful, then an FDA approved drug is available for you and might be very effective. It should be noted that it works perfectly when used along with the diet and physical exercise. Just the medicine alone won’t give the desired result. And it also varies from person to person using it. The doctor may consider such drugs for you only if you have not been able to lose weight even after the extra effort put in through any diet or any exercise, be it the gym or any other workout.

The New Approved Drug By FDA

The most awaited news of the day is the approval of the new weight loss drug by the FDA, known as Qnexa, brought into existence in July. It has been renamed as Qsymia (cue-sim-ee-a), a combination of two lower dose drugs already present and readily available in the market. It is not just supposed to be for a casual weight loss or say 10-20 pounds. Still, it is meant for the adults who are obese, having a BMI of (30+) or are overweight having a BMI of (27+) and also are suffering from one major illness, which can be anything like thyroid, blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, or anything similar. The FDA approves only those medicines that come in with no more significant risks involved in consuming any of these drugs.

This drug, which is intended to be used by the person, comes with a reduced-calorie diet and a boost in physical activity. It is a combination of suppressants related to appetite known as phentermine and medicine, which is anti-seizure known as topiramate, which has one side effect as weight loss.   

Qysmia ensures a weight loss after one year, and many lifestyle changes with an average of weight loss of 6 percent to 9 percent, which is a very good result, and many may lose more than that varying from person to person. It may happen so that the person may lose weight less than this. So Qysmia is no such magic pill or magic wand which ensures a weight loss without any extra effort from the user side.

Benefits of This Drug

Nothing in this world comes only with advantages, so this also has an equal disadvantage. The user may have an increased chance of heart rate and even a risk of congenital disability, either cleft lip or palate, which are the primary ones. The secondary ones include insomnia or constipation or a constant sensation of tingling in the palms and the feet and so many more such small diseases that may go unnoticed. But what has been proved by the FDA is that the numbers of advantages are always on the top as compared to the disadvantages. So one can use this pill without involving any such risk to have a successful outcome. It may happen so that if one stops the prescribed medication, you may face the same weight gain problem, which you may have lost over time. But if you follow a healthy lifestyle habit, it can control and manage your weight gain.  

It could act as one of the power tools for the weight loss mechanism. In this modern-day, world obesity has become a common problem of the commoners, which is a serious medical issue that needs to be addressed with the utmost care and attention. According to the latest research, we have found that more than two-thirds of the total US population suffer from obesity or overweight issue. Amongst these people, there is also a subdivision. It is that subgroup of people who need medical attention to cater to their hunger adjustment and the feeling of fullness. 

These people cannot maintain their diet by themselves. Some people have some genuine problem because they overeat, and it is not dependent on the biology of the person, so these types of people won’t benefit from this drug anyway. So especially for these people, medication can work and support but will not change it with the reduced-calorie diet.  This medication can bring changes in one’s lifestyle and more than that manageable but not easy as far as long term is concerned.

When Will This Be Available?

What is known from the source is that the given drug Qsymia will be available before this particular year ends. Initially, it may happen that there may not be ample supply of this newly discovered drug, so it may not be readily available and accessible for all, but it will soon have an ample supply in due time. To make sure that the medicine is used with the utmost care and appropriately given, The Company named Vivus, which is the primary production of this medicine, will restrict certain things which are as follows. 

The one who can prescribe this medicine will be limited and selected depending on some factors issued by the company. It will also restrict this drug’s normal availability, and only mail-order of once a pill will be allowed. Only an experienced bariatric physician specializing in weight loss or a psychiatrist who specializes in these facets will be available if one is willing for a consultation. Weight loss drugs is not an easy answer to all the weight loss problems, but it can act as a tool to aid one in adopting a new lifestyle with better health.


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