Do’s and Don’ts When Helping Someone Lose Weight


A healthy and ideal body is the dream of many people. Various ways and efforts were made to get a sleek and charming appearance. Besides, several types of products found on the market today for diet. But the truth is, losing weight can’t be as easy as just snapping your fingers.

No matter how much money we have spent, no matter how much diet program we have followed, everything will not give many results if we do not make it part of our daily lifestyle. It’s good to start instilling a healthy lifestyle to get an ideal body by getting used to these do’s and don’t habits.

Things Do’s When Lose Weight In A Healthy Way 

Drinking Green Tea, White Tea, Or Black Tea Regularly 

You must have often heard of the good benefits of tea, right? It turns out that one of them is also useful to reduce stubborn fat on the body. And this has even been proven by various empirical research. So take the time to consume at least two cups of green tea, white tea, or black tea every day. No added sugar, milk, or any sweeteners.

Consume Red Chili 

Red chilies are as delicious as the food and proven to have a function in losing weight. The capsaicin content in red chilies is a substance that can increase fat burning in your body. Besides that, red chilies are also effective for being an anti-cold medicine, anti-flu, preventing migraine, reducing pain in joints, and good for your digestion. However, it is advisable to don’t overeat.

Eat Fruits Diligently

Indeed, some people say fruits can ruin your diet because they contain quite a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. But don’t worry because the fruit is still the healthiest snack alternative that you can eat as a substitute for fatty snacks. 

Your body needs the high content of vitamins and fiber in fruits. Fruit can make you feel full longer even though it has fewer calories than regular heavy meals and is cheaper than the special diet snacks offered on the market. Therefore, try to keep eating fruit, as usual, but don’t always need to be juiced to damage the fiber content. 

Use Weightlifting For Burning Fat

Maybe many of you are reluctant to do weight lifting, especially for those who are women. Few people are afraid to lift weights because they think this can cause muscle trauma or make your body overly muscular. Even though, as long as it is done proportionally, you can burn your body fat faster by lifting weights. 

Do it at least twice a week on other days, alternate with other sports activities you like, such as cardio or yoga and the like.

Eat Salads Diligently 

A few of you choose to replace your main meal or eat a large meal with a salad menu consisting of vegetables high in fiber and low in calories. Eating more vegetables is a great way to lose weight. But don’t be fooled by the sauce you use on your salad.

It could be that your vegetable salad is already healthy, but the dressing you use makes everything useless because of its high sugar, fat, and sodium content. For example, sauces like mayonnaise or barbeque sauces, the taste is indeed yummier, but it’s useless. The calories are still high. 

Consumption OF low-Fat Substances

Eating more vegetables as a substitute for main meals that are rich in carbohydrates and fat is good. But did you know that increasing the consumption of low-fat protein is even more effective for your diet?

Yep, eating white meat and fish meat rich in omega-three has been proven to keep you full longer so you won’t be tempted to snack or eat constantly. Besides, low-fat meat with high protein is also good for metabolism, making food burn in the body faster so that there is no opportunity for fat to accumulate. 

Eat Slowly For The Sake Of Digestive Health

It feels like everyone wants to be enjoyed as soon as possible. Even though eating your food slowly and chewing every bite perfectly is very influential in reducing the number of calories in your food intake. And by this way, you consume the fewer calories,  that help you to reduce bodyweight.

Besides, enjoying your food slowly can also help your digestion and make you feel fuller even though the amount of food is not as usual.

Leave The Escalator & Elevator, And Switch To Using The Stairs

Never mind that instead of waiting for a long elevator turn, or being late because of the slow-moving escalator and full of people, you better take the stairs when you’re in a multi-story building. Besides saving your time, it also burns excess calories.

Bring Lunch From Home 

Bringing lunch from home is also very influential in your weight loss program. Besides saving pocket money and food money, you also know what ingredients you put in your body every day. You can control your intake of fat, protein, and sodium. You can monitor more calories yourself; and can create healthy menus. Meanwhile, if you buy lunch, you can’t tell how many calories you have eaten that day. 

Exercise In The Middle Of Working Time

There is no reason not to exercise even though you work or go to an university where your daily activities are mostly sitting at the table. You can do many small activities such as arranging your desk, tidying up books or documents, and cleaning up the environment around your desk. Besides that, there are also simple movements that you can do while remaining at your table, for example, by doing simple yoga. 

Things Don’ts When Lose Weight In A Healthy Way 

Avoid Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are indeed one of the nutrients that can make the body gain weight. However, we cannot ignore the role of carbohydrates in the body.  Therefore, carbohydrates are important nutrients in the body’s metabolic processes. Lack of carbohydrates can cause the body to feel hungry more often. As a result, the desire to consume snacks is even greater. It will make your diet plan fail, especially if the snacks you consume are not healthy. 

Don’t Eat Too Many Nuts.

Fruit and nuts are very healthy. However, if you eat too much of these two foods, or even make it a daily staple, it will cause weight gain. Therefore, avoid many fruits and types of nuts contain high sugar levels. If what you consume is fruit and nuts with high sugar levels, and it is done continuously, it is guaranteed that you will gain weight.

Don’t Eat Too Much Protein Foods.

The body needs protein in building muscle. However, consuming too many foods with high protein content can build up fat in the body. It will be made worse if you are not diligent in exercising. So, the stored fat will not burn and will continue to make you gain weight.

Avoid Being Too Trustworthy with Healthy Snack

Currently, there are many protein snacks or snacks that are claimed to be able to lose weight. By only relying on this snack as an everyday snack, you will not lose weight. If the healthy snack you choose turns out to contain protein and high sugar, then it is certain that your diet program will fail.

Don’t Forget Breakfast.

Many people think that eating food in the morning is one way to lose weight. In fact, by forgetting breakfast, the body will tend to feel very hungry during the day and consume a lot of food. If not obeyed, then the body feels weak. Therefore, don’t neglect breakfast. Keep consuming enough carbohydrates and protein in the body every morning, such as bread, eggs, and fruits. 

Lack Of Time To Rest At Night

Night sleep is one way to keep the body’s metabolism in good condition. If you lack sleep at night (often staying up late), your body’s metabolism will slow down. As a result, you will feel hungry more often at night and eat larger portions. Eating at night, especially in large quantities, makes the food content stored in the body because it is not used for activities other than sleeping.

Don’t Eat Your Dinner Too Early.

Many people think that having dinner after 6 pm will make the body fat. This assumption is not entirely wrong if their bedtime is around 8 pm. However, for those accustomed to sleeping at 10 pm, advancing the time to eat before 6 o’clock will make the stomach feel very hungry before going to bed. Therefore, consider the exact time of dinner, according to your sleeping time.

Don’t Forget Water Consumption.

Consuming fruit juice is very healthy for the body. Lots of nutrients in it, especially if it is not mixed with artificial sweeteners. However, it does not mean that juice can replace water. The body still needs water intake to meet the daily needs of body fluids.


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