Dong Quai (Tang Kuei)

Dong Quai (Tang Kuei)

It is very similar to the Aromatic yellow flower of the parsley family Which comes from the European plant Which grows on the bank area of the rivers in Japan and also can be found in some Western part of China. What is believed to be The most effective herb For all the diseases of the body classified from the liver to Respiratory and also to the circulatory problems of the body? It has been in use since 2000 years and that is why it has the most impactful result among the people who are using and recommending it very much.

Benefits of Dong Quai

It is the best kind of herbal plant which can be used to stabilise the scientific relief like pains in cramps in women. Many clinical conclusions are also provided by Taking trials and claims. It is considered to be the most effective herbal because of its acid which is capable of mixing with the city acids which then work as essential oils and then it will help to reduce the blood clots in our body. Apart from this, it has several benefits which people believe from the past 2000 years and hence it is still widely in use among a large group of people. The several benefits are listed as follows;

•It helps improve the heart conditions which would then improve the cardiovascular activity of the human body and help you to get a long life.

• it is also helpful in reducing the BP which then regulates your blood comes from the heart and then it would help to Achieve an active life.

•This plant is also effective on the liver and The kidney problems which would fight to the Nehru pains and also effective on the internal issues like infections and headache.

•All the parts of this plant are very useful among which the Whole route is useful for promoting the good of blood flow in the body and the Route head is useful in stopping the bleeding. Apart from this, the Hair Structure of the route helps in regulating the blood flow which helps in relieving pain.

•It has also included or registered many potential cases in the treatment of use disease like cancer Of those stages which can also lead to death. It also helps play in the major cancer cases like leukaemia, colon cancer and also Brain tumours. Hence it is considered to be the best herbal plant which can be used for the natural remedies for the human body as well as for animals.

Effective results in women

It has shown many effective results in the woman like reducing the dullness and dryness of their skin which can lead to the pale complexion Of the body hence it is a very natural advantage to fight from the age signs and other notable changes in the body. It can show sincere effects on the body while applying and taking as per the consideration to get beautiful and glowing skin as well as healthy metabolism in the body.

It also fights the body pigments to prevent hydration in the eyes Which can reduce the risk of blurry vision and farsightedness. Other major studies have been done in the segment of menstrual cramps. Moreover, it has also sure improved effects send signs of treatment while taking the recommended dose on a trial basis which proved to be safe in use and action.

A soothing component of this plant named Ligustilide helps relieve the pain in the menstrual cycles. Most of the studies have shown that more than 40% of the females who took a concentrated dose of this medicines have faced sudden relief in the menstrual cramps, hence it can believe that it is helpful as well is useful to reduce the cyclic pains in the women.

It is also useful in treating the hot flashes of the body which can give you a sudden relief and soothing effects if a plant properly according to the recommended doses in directions. A lot more studies remaining to do on this effective herbal plant, hopefully, it can open a variety of cures and treatments for the diseases.

Side effects in women

A lot more studies have also shown some of the side effects in women which Cannot be avoided from the scientific view if everybody wants to take this herbal medicine into use in action. This kind of side effects can severely lead to drastic conditions if not paid attention to it. If any kind of such side effects shown in the women, then it Suggested not to continue the doses of medicine as per the medical guidelines. The studies have shown that it triggers the Muscles of the uterus which can result in the miscarriage.

Even at the time of pregnancy, it is not recommended to use this medicine because it has sleep effects and sedatives included in it Which can lead to the Drastic effects for both the mother and the child. Apart from these the studies have suggested that even if you want to use it during the time of pregnancy, then you can use it from the external sites to prevent the child from it. Well, in all the case it is suggested that you should not use this medical treatment in the pregnancy period because it is risky and unhealthy.

It has no scientific relations in increasing the fertility of The female body in Hence it is not suggested to use this treatment Hindi assumption of increasing the oestrogen level in the body. If you do so, It would lead to a bad conclusion and then you will regret it eventually. If you ever want to take this treatment into action, you have to rectify all the circumstances and consequences of this treatment before and after their doses and then you will be able to make a correct decision for the proper use of this plant.

The other usual side-effects which will face by this are Feeling difficulty in breathing, feeling fever, low BP, headache, sweating and much more. Apart from this, people who are allergic to plants can also experience some other reactions from it.


There are varieties of ways in which you can consume this herb In which the most common way Is to consume it in its raw form. You can directly consume it like a fruit Including its roots, wings, hair structure. The other very common method is to take it with the boiling water or to take it by the injection as a drug.


This effective herb has both side-effects and advantages if used correctly. Hence you need to check all the consequences and recommended doses before using it to prevent certain reactions and side-effects.


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