Best Broken Heart Tattoo Designs

Best Broken Heart Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are among some of the most amazing ways to express your feelings or your experiences without even saying a word. You might have suffered a lot and sometimes all you want is a permanent reminder of the mistake you made. This can make you stronger and help you in never repeating the same thing. There can be a number of designs and shades in which you can find these tattoos. They look stylish and are some of the best ways to be fashionable and creative at the same time. These tattoos range in wide sections hence selection of one of these can be difficult in the vast list of choices. But they do say that there is a perfect tattoo which won’t let you let your eyes get away from it easily. It is all about discovering and finding the best.

What do these tattoos mean?

These tattoos can have different meanings depending on what you are searching for. There can be cases in which people do opt for getting one of these beauties engraved on their skin for the rest of their lives. So you can never tell it to be a specific reason. People do get these tattoos after having a breakup or such heartbreaking incidents. It does sound easy to the outer world but the one who experiences it goes through the entire phase. A broken heart tattoo can be something to make them all cured up. On the other hand people also go for these tattoos just for the sake of fashion. These tattoos are some of the best out there in the market when it comes to creativity. Also these tattoos mean a representation of your choices so a broken heart tattoo can tell a hell lot of things about you.

Here are some of the best broken heart tattoos

  1. Something to remember, something to show.

2. Tattoo for your arm or wrist, with excellent creativity.

3. These words combined with the broken heart design is among the best.

4. Yes, sometimes it was “the night to be blamed”.

5. This one here is a representation of a real heart in a tattoo with broken parts.

6. Stitches and bandages don’t work with heart.

7. A simple tattoo design with a piercing arrow in a heart.

8. This tattoo is among the most complicated one can go for.

9. A design showing a broken heart flying on wings with shedding tears in the form of blood.

10. Two things here, the amazing design and the quote making a complete heart.

11. A dark tattoo even with a darker message.

12. A simple design with a beautiful design of a broken heart.

13. A broken heart is also a closed one for any new feeling.

14. This design mainly focuses on the outline structures of a broken heart.

15. A red heart shaped designed tattoo with a crack in middle.

16. Sometimes all you want is sweet and simple.

17. “BROKEN” is a big word and this tattoo design shows it perfectly.

18. Small broken heart design for an elegant look.

19. A deign containing black broken heart splashing blood.

20. Fancy design up your way, for a broken heart design.

21. Make the message loud and clear “Never Again”.

22. Words can tell a lot about your pain, and this tattoo shows it.

23. A design showing two sides of heart, the black and the red one with a crack.

24. Looking for dark and deep colours? Go with this one.

25. Music can help you heal, but only when it’s connected to a melody.

26. Absolute creativity is all about thinking differently and this broken heart tattoo design shows it.

27. Piercing the heart with a beautiful dagger, irony at its best.

28. Another heart captured tight by fencing, shows a lot about the pain.

29. BROKEN in a different and more colorful way.

30. A cute one or your arm to make your look brilliant.

31. See that’s how it pains, like a needle in the heart.

32. A dark stained tattoo with a crack out there.

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33. Deep red heart design broken in pieces.

C:\Users\user\Downloads\compressed heart tattoos 2\masculine-inner-forearm-red-ink-broken-heart-tattoos-for-men_optimized.jpg

34. A design showing a breaking heart falling in pieces.

C:\Users\user\Downloads\compressed heart tattoos 2\red-broken-heart-pieces-tattoo-on-inner-forearm_optimized.jpg

35. A complicated design with amazing precision.

C:\Users\user\Downloads\compressed heart tattoos 2\unnamed-(1)_optimized.jpg

36. If you are looking for something cute and less dark, this design is the best one for you.

C:\Users\user\Downloads\compressed heart tattoos 2\unnamed-(2)_optimized.jpg

37 .Just outlines and hundreds of thoughts behind them, perfect for a back tattoo.

C:\Users\user\Downloads\compressed heart tattoos 2\unnamed_optimized.jpg

37. A small tattoo design with just red outlines.


38. Not a broken heart but this design gives you the feel of heart breaking in pieces.



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